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an ivve done wworse than anyone

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Name:Eridan Ampora
Birthdate:Apr 13

self-loathin is quaint
you told me showwin restraint
noww youre gone an im lost
in the swwells i am tossed
bobbin an chokin an losin the fight in the fog
you said forevver
tell me wwhy cant you stay

id ride in your pocket all day
but i just dont fit
say the wword an ill change
im throwwin a party tonight
i drink more than a sailor on shore
pour the rum in my eyes tell me lies

drunk since saturday
wwithout you wwithout restraint
it sill stings wwhere you stung wwater swwings in my lungs
im starvvin for wwords that wwould ration my sadness awway
tell me forevver
tell me youll come back to stay

you wwere the mermaid for me
til one day you found your feet
leavving me
in this god-awwful bottle a model of heartache an grief

Interests (12):

bein well liked, capes, destroyin all landdwwellers, doin science, fillin four quadrants, fish puns, makin fun of landdwwellers, ridin giant seahorses, scarvves, science, the ocean, the sea

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